About the studio

Gummy Cat is a Romanian-based studio comprised of a few folks, keeping each other honest while we make dumb video games.

About the game

Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you build and run a bed and breakfast in the woods...but you're a bear.


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, Console. 

Meet the studio

If you would like to meet this studio prior to the showcase then check out our DEV:PUB expo

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Follow Bear and Breakfast on Twitter @BearBreakfast

Romanian Game Developers Association

RGDA, the Romanian Game Developers Association, is the trade body of the Romanian game development industry and its purpose is to support the development of a thriving, successful and responsible game development local industry, on a global scale. RGDA represents an industry with over 6000 employees and over 60 RGDA member and supporter studios.

How can I watch the show?

Check out last years EuroPlay Video Games Contest below.. 

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