About the studio

Wordplay Games was founded in a truly unique year, 2020, with the objective to work on engaging narrative games. A team of four with a diverse creative background and distinct style towards storytelling, we came together because of our love for games that engaged with us emotionally. Which is why we are motivated to make story driven games that resonate with the players emotionally. We are basically making games that will create gamers.

We have won Tranzfuser, Audience Award and got funded for our first project, got selected to be a part of tentacle zone incubator programme. We recently presented our game, Days Lost, in EGX Rezzed 2021.

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About the game

Days Lost is a narrative puzzle game set inside a diary of young woman named Natalia. She goes on her first solo trip with a hope to find some answers but the trip ends in a disaster leading to the loss of her immediate memories. This is where the players come in. You play as Natalia, explore her diary, solve puzzles and put together her fragmented memories.

This overall journey Is a deep expedition about self-understanding, empathy and appreciating the little moments of life.

Tying the classic point and click puzzles together is a story told in a colourful diary style, which will leave you with a sense of belonging.

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This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, Console, Mobile.

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