About the studio

Strategy Labs was founded in partnership with PlayWay. The company essentially employs one person, the lead developer of Builders of Egypt, who is supported by a faithful moderator who endures the hardships of working together on such an ambitious project. The company has a lot of plans for the upcoming future - after Egypt it will be time for Rome theme game and also at the same time we are supervising Builders of China. We additionally have several other ideas which we intend to develop and which will diversify the ancient theme of our games.

About the game

Builders of Egypt is a city-builder game that takes the player to the valley of the ancient Nile. In a long and challenging campaign, the player will learn about the history of Ancient Egypt by building more cities, settlements and monuments and will be able to witness its rise and fall.


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, Console. 

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