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I recently left my job as a Senior Game Designer after 8+yrs in established studios to pursue solo indie development on a game of my own. I hope to start a small studio, Pixel Manta, focusing on small, unique titles with emotional narrative hooks and interesting gameplay quirks to ensure each game really is one of a kind.

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About the game

Overmorrow is a serene, nonviolent adventure that deletes your save game after 30 days. 

  •  A gameplay focus on unguided exploration and big-picture puzzle solving. 
  •  Unique 2D art style, utilising triangles for every visual. 
  • A peculiar and mysterious metanarrative that synergises well with the day progression system. 

 In Overmorrow, the more Runes you discover, the more actions you can perform in a single day, and the deeper you can explore the mysterious island. There is no time limit, so be sure to fully enjoy the tranquil spaces in this fixed camera 2D game, where every screen contains unique art and curious secrets. 

 When your Runes have been exhausted, resting will replenish them, but also progress the day count and narrative. After 30 in-game days, your save is deleted. However, in Overmorrow, things are rarely as they seem on the surface, and that is just one more step to discovering the game's many mysteries. 

 With a blend of old-school 2D Zelda exploration and puzzles, a day-scheduling system akin to Persona and a narrative that evokes the fourth wall-breaking vibes of Undertale, this bold and unique game is sure to resonate with those seeking an evocative experience that could only be achieved with a smaller indie title such as Overmorrow.


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, Console. 

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