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Formed in 2012, Arrogant Pixel is best known for releasing The Tale of Doris and the Dragon series; a point and click adventure that proved hugely popular on several indie portals such as Newgrounds in 2015. Today, Arrogant Pixel is a small team of eight game developers based in London. In 2015, the company was formally incorporated with the addition of two directors, Assad Bokhari and Jay Shin. In 2016, the SLT grew to include Ryan Callard and our first member of staff, the incredible digital artist, Safiyah Khan. In 2018, the company recruited Pedro Ramos to help with development on new and existing projects. In 2020, we grew to take on Kerry Scane, a fantastic 3D generalist and invited back, Ali Taie that had previously served as an intern!

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About the game

Terratorial is a real-time strategy game for console and PC. Fast and hectic, with a unique, theft based RTS gameplay. Build your colony on constantly moving and orbiting planets. Build units and move your planets around the game area to encroach on other players spaces. Steal planets and territory from them and the player with the most territory wins! Imagine Nintendo develops Starcraft. With it's timeless toon look and comedic storyline, we are confident that Terratorial will offer a bridge for those that are newcomers to the genre or are outside of the hardcore gaming community.

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This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, Console. 

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