About the studio

Pentakill Studios is the result of years of experience in computer graphics, architectural visualization, video games development and 3D animation films.

We started in 2014, with the creation of iVisual School of New Technologies. Currently, we have hundreds of students in presential and online modalities.

All this brings us to Pentakill Studios. It took us more than a year to get the funding to start the studio. We are a team specialized in different areas, with on-site and remoted professionals.

We know that we are in a very competitive market. That is why we must differentiate ourselves from the rest. We have state-of-the-art equipment, defined work protocols and we purchased Rokoko's motion capture suit. This technology allows us to apply a workflow with a similar quality as AAA studios.

About the game

The Occultist: Endtimes is a true-first-person narrative psychological horror video game. It is the first title in the series, which is being developed for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. We will embody Alan, an expert occultist whose father has disappeared without a trace or any kind of message. Alan knows that his father grew up on an island in the North of Great Britain, and suspects that he might be there. 

What he does not know is that the island has been abandoned for 60 years, when The Cult of the Seven Seals performed a ritual that did not go well and turned the island into devastated lands haunted by spirits, ghosts and other entities. The objective is to discover what happened on the island and find out the whereabouts of his father.


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, console

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