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Founded by experienced entrepreneurs from the UK and Canada, Outlier develops multiplayer games focusing on online co-operative experiences for core gamers. 

Outlier was founded in 2018, with creators Paul Froggatt and Matt Rathbun lamenting the lack of challenging and strategic co-op gaming experiences. 

Development on This Means Warp began shortly thereafter, with the game combining the high-risk strategy of turn-based roguelites with the adrenaline and pace of real-time co-op games.

An early build of the game was revealed in mid-2020, with thousands of players applying to participate in the first alpha playtest in September 2020. This Means Warp continues to grow, with a beta playtest in July 2021 and targeted release in early 2022.

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About the game

This Means Warp is an intense 1-4 player spaceship management roguelite game. Explore a procedurally generated universe in real-time, upgrade your ship, battle increasingly dangerous enemies, and adapt your strategies in a constantly changing and challenging fight for survival.

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This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC on launch, console in future.

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