About the studio

Matt Stark, the creator of Viewfinder, has combined forces with veterans Gwen Foster and Callum Underwood from Robot Teddy, and Georg Backer (ex Lionhead Studios). Together they've founded Robot Turtle to develop the game together with a multi-talented team located all across the world.

About the game

Viewfinder is a first-person puzzle adventure game where you can bring pictures to life and reshape the world using an instant camera. Every picture you find or create, including anything from paintings and drawings to diagrams and pixel art, can become part of your environment. 

Solve open-ended puzzles that encourage thinking outside the box as you gradually master your abilities. Get creative, exploring the possibilities of the mechanic and warping your environments into surreal Escheresque dreamscapes.

The game is set within a colourful retrofuturistic utopia inspired by brutalism and impressionism. Uncover this world's mysteries as you're drawn into a story exploring themes of transhumanism and utopianism. Along your adventure discover bizarre illusions, interactive gadgets and hidden secrets.


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC, VR.

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