About the studio

Lukyantsev Company is a new studio based in Switzerland focusing creative games and community experiences and working on Wild Planet as its first title.

About the game

Wild Planet is a chill coop survival game where the community can impact the world in an async way. The whole world is synchronized and players structures can spawn as remnants in other player games. Every 3 months the planet is wiped due to a cataclysmic event which will bring new environmental changes such as a lake that might become a desert. 

Players can join efforts by sharing resources which will impact the whole map. monuments might be the opening to a new dungeon or a bridge that will lead to new area. Leave your mark for the next players !


This game will be released on the following platform(s): PC

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If you would like to meet this studio prior to the showcase then check out our DEV:PUB expo

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Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia promotes Swiss arts and culture with a focus on diversity and high quality. As part of its support for interactive media, Pro Helvetia has launched SwissGames, an initiative designed to promote the Swiss game cluster inland and abroad, by helping Swiss developers gain visibility, build relationships with the international game industry and access global markets. Under the SwissGames umbrella label, Pro Helvetia organizes or supports Swiss participations at international business events.

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Check out last years EuroPlay Video Games Contest below.. 

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